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E-Commerce marketplaces permitted to omit trademark symbols

E-commerce marketplaces may have a general policy of not allowing the use of trademark symbols on their platform. To facilitate the promotion of FSC-certified products on the marketplace, FSC aims to reach an agreement with such marketplaces to protect the FSC trademarks by other means. These e-commerce marketplaces are listed in the below table.

If you are an FSC certificate holder or a promotional licence holder and you intend to promote your FSC certified products on the below marketplaces, note that there are opportunities to omit the symbols ™ or ® when using the FSC trademarks. Please get in touch with your certification body or your Trademark Service Provider to learn about the applicable requirements.


Permitted to omit trademark symbols License Code Organization Name Country or Area Issue Date Expiry Date
yes FSC-N003392 Amazon LUXEMBOURG 08.06.2021 29.12.2099